Most manufacturers judge an ERP implementation by the initial expense, ongoing operating or maintenance costs, return on investment and time-to-value.

In today’s competitive business climate, we suggest an even more rigorous focus on enterprise software implementation by tracking additional metrics like disruptions in operations, impact on productivity and level of ERP adoption across the enterprise.

Unfortunately, there are many horror stories of failed ERP implementations, cost over-runs, time delays, disruptions in operations and more. Now, mid-market manufacturers can avoid these pitfalls with our proven ERP expertise.

ERP Implementation Expertise

ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company, so the success of an implementation is of the utmost importance. Our team of ERP consultants helps mid-market manufacturers reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping manage complexity, risk and data integration challenges.


Tektra IT solutions-based approach toward PeopleSoft upgrades and new implementations are accomplished by applying pre-built, proven solutions to address areas that are common to any PeopleSoft project.


Using dynamic and highly functional Microsoft platforms such as CRM, BI and SharePoint as a foundation, Tektra IT, as a Silver Partner, applies its advanced expertise and proven techniques to design and deploy customized and tailored business solutions to fully meet customer demands.


Tektra IT enables organizations to meet their competitive goals using Oracle solutions.Our Oracle practice makes a positive difference to customers by helping them align their businesses with the latest in Information Technology(IT).

Enterprise Planning & Budgeting

Budgeting, planning and forecasting (BP&F) is a three-step process for determining and detailing an organization's long and short-term financial goals.

ERP Audit Services

Implementing enterprise solutions in an increasingly competitive and uncertain economic climate poses complex organizational challenges.


We offer SAP consultation & implementation services to different industries and businesses from core ERP to innovative SAP technologies of areas like Analytics & Cloud Solutions which includes upgrades, migration, and support services that help enterprises to achieve maximum ROI.

What’s included with our ERP/IT Services?
ERP project recovery

In the event of your ERP Project Implementation failing, we can develop a project recovery roadmap that defines short- and long-term changes needed to get it back on track. This ensures improved business processes and their alignment with the ERP system, project management controls and governance. Increased system usage, enhanced system integration and testing, proper organizational change management and training, and maximized benefits realization and ROI are other notable benefits.

ERP health check

We will review your existing ERP application to identify areas where improvement is needed to deliver an optimal system that complies with your industry best practices.ERP project implementation.We can provide project management and implementation experience to ensure your project team is ready for every phase of the system implementation.

ERP software selection & requirement analysis

We can fast track your ERP software selection by recommending two of the best ERP solutions for your industry based on your business requirements, company objectives and vision of the future. We’ll develop your Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) to solicit prospective vendors for software selection, right through to License and Professional Services contract negotiations.

Post Live Support & Enhancements

We have the capability to support your applications post live with our team of experienced consultants.Virtual cio & project oversight.Your organization will have access to a Virtual CIO for any IT Strategy and implementation needs, as well as to help align your short- and long-term goals within your budget.

Technology Assessment

We will review all of the hardware and business applications you use, and determine how useful they are as part of your future IT strategy.

Constant Monitoring

Our Post Live Support includes 24/7 monitoring to ensure ERP Software and business applications run smoothly and efficiently, providing your back-end processes with preventive maintenance.