Enterprise Blockchain

Companies realize that Blockchain systems can potentially have to disrupt their industries and permanently change the competitive landscape. Even so, many businesses struggle to understand the core ideas and the opportunities that the technology may present for their business model.

We at Tektra IT design Solutions for companies to approach commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain, auditing systems powered by blockchain and smart contracts. We focus mainly on the Blockchain and smart contracts; offering the following as our key bread & butter services

Our Services
We help enterprises to identify the potential of Blockchain for their businesses with TEktra IT Blockchain Consulting.
Blockchain Platform Identification

Our Blockchain Consultants identifies the right blockchain platform for your business objectives and requirements.

Blockchain POC

With the integration of the latest blockchain development tools, blockchain technology and our experience, we deliver the scalable blockchain POC.

Understanding Business Logic

Our Blockchain Consultants help you understand how business logic is added to the smart contracts and how can you implement your idea into the blockchain solution.

Operational Efficiency

With various technology partners across multiple industries, we guide you at every step from design to development of blockchain solutions,helping organizations achieve tangible outcomes.

Our Blockchain Consulted Industries

Offering controlled data disclosure to every involved member of the network in Blockchain enabled patient health record management solution.


Smart contracts allows every member involved in the blockchain platform to measure the impact of social impact at every step of the process.


Integrating Blockchain to the current P2P lending system can reduce delays, make quick approvals, eliminate the need for middlemen, and bring transparency.


Smart Contracts in Media industry ensures content’s ownership and fair evaluation along with the elimination of intermediaries.

Supply Chain

Tektra IT deploys Blockchain on supply chain which offers an updated and validated shared ledger with each network participant.