Most organizations grapple with quintillions of bytes of data every day, trying to figure out an information management strategy that could accelerate the flow of insights. This significantly complicates their big data solutions, increasing the cost of implementation and upkeep. However, big data engineering is not about using every bit of data originating from every source, it’s about making the smart decisions that accelerate business growth.

At Tektra IT, we make collaborative efforts to bring order to your Big Data while our team of senior-level consultants helps in implementing the technologies required to manage and understand your data, enabling you to predict customer demand and make better decisions at the right time. Analyzing your business challenges well, we offer you the strategic guidance needed to succeed, leveraging the power of data you accumulate, to your advantage.

Big Data Offerings

We provide big data services with customizable solutions for every organization. Our aim is to provide a big data framework which allows your business to delve into the deepest levels of data, to gain actionable insights.

Big Data Consulting

With great expertise in the domain, we offer advice around developing big data consulting services, comprising of building use cases, preparing staff, standing out among competitors and uncovering opportunities.

Cloud Infrastructure
Data Platforms
Big Data Engineering

Our data engineering solutions are designed to support all data-driven processes by deploying the right tools and hardware according to your data goals is highly essential. From optimizing your data warehouse to align to your business goals, through to data migration and consolidation, we will always aim for improved business agility and adaptability.

That’s why our data engineering team performs groundwork in understanding your requirements and employs the right hardware, ETL systems and complete the tuning of the hardware and software for seamless operation.

Data Integration and Management

Data Migration from traditional sources, Web logs (unstructured data) and data Warehouses to Hadoop cluster by using NoSQL Databases. Our offers Data Migration Services the agility of absorbing data of any type/scale and processing that data for different business needs.

Big Data Algorithms

Our data scientists are highly talented in discoveries of customer behavior, facts about target segments and better insights into the user opinions. We are specialized in creating algorithms customized to your industry and your specific services to build an automated cross-functional system.

Real Time Data Streaming

Real time Data streaming allows big data to become all the more effective, with the benefits going beyond more efficient business operations. It ensures improved e-Commerce, faster analysis of mobile apps data, system monitoring for efficiency and a lot more. It enables businesses to keep track of the actions of their customers, mainly as they visit a website.

Real Time Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Nowadays it’s not just enough to perform historical analysis and batch reports, as there are times when situation arises when you are required to make well-informed decisions in real-time, the data and insights need to be timely and immediately actionable. Real time Data Analytics allows you to easily integrate with almost any data source, both live/in-motion as well as bulk/at rest.

Real Time Chart & Dashboards

We allow you to create a data analytics dashboard with just a single chart and then add to it as required. You can quickly build, edit, filter and delete dashboards; move and resize them; and then share them or integrate them within your web application.

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