Reinvent and automate your business processes

These days, setting the right business processes is a key to success for any organization. However, businesses need to undertake various automation to improve processes. You need robust software to manage all the processes. In such situations, TEKTRA IT provides a real-time BPM Consulting Services, real-time insights, so as to provide process performances that help organizations to sustain growth and relevance.

Business Process Management (BPM) enables organizations to transform their business processes by making them more efficient, agile, measurable, transparent and scalable. Our BPM consulting services empower business users to incorporate changes to processes with minimal IT intervention. We provide a business-oriented architecture that allows process owners to plan actions and set improvement goals across the company to achieve those goals.

Our BPM Services Include
End-to-End BPM services

BPM products executes process definitions and business rules of each process and drive transactions from end to end.


BPM Consulting and Advisory

CAMUNDA: The Camunda BPM engine is an open source, Java-based framework that provides an intelligent workflow or camunda bpm engine or business process management (BPM) system for any kind and size of organization. It offers pre-designed BPM systems that can be modeled and executed for workflow and business process automation, for Case Management, and for Business Decision Management.

jBPM: jBPM evolved to enable users to pick their own path in business automation. jBPM originates from BPM (Business Process Management) but it has evolved to enable users to pick their own path in business automation.


Enterprise Process Architecture

More than just a picture or a model, business process architecture is a strategic guide for operational management to deliver excellent customer experiences. We help organizations with the creation of a business process architecture that helps to focus on process performance management & Enhance communication.


Implementation and Business Process Design

Properly designed and managed process models are crucial for automation and integration into systems and platforms. We help organizations move from static, disconnected process documentation to dynamic, flexible views by realizing process modelling benefit.


Functional, Automated BPM Testing and Performance

Our Functional Testing spreads across most critical and important features and evaluates the application’s performance for appropriate test cases which provides a greater cost savings.


BPM Governance and Needs Assessment

We ensure that BPM mechanism enabling continuous improvement of organizational performance. We also provide BPM assessment - evaluating current culture and operations to suggest right BPM in reaching organization goals.