Artificial Intelligence

Turn Your organization into smart, agile & innovative with Advanced AI Solutions.

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are consumed in every aspect of the business, from customer assisting Chatbots to AI-driven programs. Integrating AI into business delivers tangible business insights faster.

At TektraIT, we help businesses build cutting-edge AI solutions that enable to scale new levels in the competitive market, unlock new opportunities and to become smart and agile with insights from both structured and unstructured data.

We offer a wide range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions such as Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our AI experts build highly scalable and cost-effective solutions to help you leverage full-scale AI capabilities.

Our Services

Organizations recognizing the value associated with incorporating AI into their business processes are encountering several challenges with integrating this new intelligence into their operational processes. We help you to drive the smart reinvention of your workflows with a data-first strategy to unlock intelligent value across industries and business functions.

AI Strategy and Consulting

We guide you through your enterprise AI transformation journey on how to incorporate the latest deep learning algorithms, methods and frameworks which enables to transform your business. Get expert assistance and consulting services to meet your business targets effortlessly.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables machines to understand, analyze, manipulate and interpret natural language and then take relevant action on the context. With TektraIT AI services you can bring NLP to your applications/ products for removing the complexity of dealing with textual content.


Improve customer experience with personalized chatbot solutions for your sales, marketing and customer support functions and also Increase your business, sales and revenues with chatbot while decreasing operational costs associated with dedicated sales/support resources.

Deep Learning platforms

Under Machine learning, is the concept of deep learning – this is a special type of machine learning which includes artificial neural networks with multiple abstraction layers. Now it is used in classification applications and pattern recognition supported by very big data sets.

Augmented Intelligence

Business decisions are made more simplified with the use of AI-assisted. We develop AI-assisted systems that augment human decision-making to drive accurate decisions on predictive and algorithmic systems.

Robotic Process Automation + AI

Our AI-driven Robotic Process Automation is the cutting-edge tool you need to increase employee efficiency

Machine Learning

Convert your business into Smart with our Machine Learning Services as it enables automation of business processes with faster decision making, faster anomaly detection and augmented productivity. We enhance your business processes with intelligent algorithms using enterprise-grade machine learning capabilities with different types of solutions such as Predictive Analysis, Deep Learning, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining etc.